Having currently 17 own stores in Iaşi, Suceava, Botoşani and Neamţ counties and we are one of the main distributors in the whole country.
Aware of the importance of the impact of industrial production processes on the environment, we have invested and continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which use low energy and water consumption, thus increasing the quality of life.
We set ourselves ambitious but achievable goals, applying first-class European standards, processes and procedures, measuring and monitoring the state of our progress, in line with other aspects of our activities.

Killer is one of the largest companies in the meat processing industry in Romania and the main producer in Bucovina, being on the podium of national sausage producers.
Addressing all Romanians in the country and abroad, Killer keeps its promises, offers quality products and services, with fresh and tasty products all important categories of products, respectively from boiled salami, raw-dried, sausages, sausages, hams and paris , to specialties and smoked products.

Our stores


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– Mun. Suceava, Bulevardul George Enescu
– Mun. Suceava, str. Bistriței
– com. Horodnic de Jos, nr. 2B
– Siret, str. Alexandru cel Bun nr. 10
– Mun. Suceava, Iulius Mall
– Rădăuți, Piaţa Unirii nr. 5
– Rădăuți, str. Calea Bucovinei
– Mun. Suceava, Shopping City-Carrefour
– Mun. Suceava, Piața Mare
– Rădăuți, str. Mihai Viteazu nr. 4


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– Alexandru cel Bun, Iași
– Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, nr. 16, Iași
– Centrul Comercial Felicia, Iași


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– Botoșani, Uvertura Mall
– Botoșani, Shopping Center

Killer Distribution

Fresh meat products are transported in the safest hygienic and sanitary conditions, so that the products are as fresh as possible when they will arrive to our partners from all over the country, or even from Europe.